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Over the course of 80years, a lot has changed about Haldiram’s. Haldiram’s have relocated, undergone expansion, developed new product lines & added segments, opened retail chains & stores across India and embraced new markets overseas. One thing hasn’t changed – Haldiram’s is still a tight-knit family business, committed to serving the most authentic taste of India through our products.

Haldiram’s origins can be traced back to a small namkeen shop in Bikaner founded by Ganga Bishan Agarwal (Haldiram Ji). This modest shop quickly gained popularity and scaled up to meet a booming demand for its unique-tasting bhujia. Building on this legacy, his grandson, our pioneer Mr. Shiv Kishan Agrawal steered the business towards the heights it has tasted today.

Determined to take bhujia beyond the boundaries of Bikaner, he shifted base to Nagpur in 1970. We opened our first full-production unit to introduce a delectable variety of savouries, sweets and beverages to the market. The success of this venture led Haldiram’s to expand and evolve as a brand, that is an integral part of every Indian household.

From Haldiram’s formative years, he instilled the value of keeping the tradition and quality intact, even as Haldiram’s matured as a company. All Haldiram’s products maintain a consistent sense of simplicity. The ingredients and recipes were picked to accentuate these ideas and are followed to this date. Haldiram’s promises that all their products are natural, wholesome and have a homemade feel to them.

Although, Haldiram’s is about more than just food. By creating a strong sense of community and supporting our associates, haldiram continue to feel like a true family business. They carry these values with them as they operate together to serve generations of happy connoisseurs across the globe and continue to be the nation’s beloved snack-food company.

Types of Business


Distributorship Business model is nothing but whole sale type of business model. You will be buying goods to sell at a profit, much like a retailer would.


For this type of Business Model Minimum 500 sq feet area required and Investment will be around 15 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs depending upon the area to serve.


This Business model is nothing but take away type of Business Model. No sitting arrangement will be their, only customers will come and will take the products.

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How to Get

Haldiram Distributorship at Kolkata and Haldiram milk Distributor for Kolkata

On the off chance that you need to begin a Haldiram franchise in Kolkata, you need to be aware of certain facts and have proper information on taking Haldiram distributorship India. Started in the year 1937 by Shri Shivkisan Agrawal, Haldirams is the sweet and snack brand that has ruled the Indian hearts over the years. Haldiram today for the normal man is a brand that is available in every single major city across India.
Turning into a Franchisee of Haldiram, the impeccable brand is a brilliant opportunity for each one of those individuals who are looking for a safe yet profitable business opportunity. The principle advantage of taking up a Haldiram Franchisee in Rajasthan is that you, as a distributor need not require any major efforts to build up the brand since it as of now firmly established in India just as it is abroad.

Taking up the distributorship

Aside from India which is the base for Haldiram, the brand is profoundly made a name worldwide by exporting its products in over 23 nations over the globe. This gives the front line over the competition not exclusively to Haldiram yet in addition to the brand’s Franchisees. Needless to say, this brand has already a name for itself in the market so; its franchise is a good idea.
The nature of the sweets and savories sold by Haldiram vouches for themselves going about as the selling point thus any Franchisee won’t be required to spend on marketing or publicizing the brand to expand their deals. This implies the main cost a distributor would bring about is whatever they spend to get the Franchisee in Kolkata and there is no other extra or hidden cost to the business bargain.

What type of investment you are looking at?

Having set up the brand in all the major cities in India, Haldirams management has clear intends to set up their sweet and savoury brand in Tier 2 and Tier 1 cities in India. Haldirams has three models of operations starting today to be specific the Kiosk, the fast service cafés and Haldiram restaurant. Any individual who needs to take a Haldiram Franchisee should initially choose which of the above models they need in any case as a distributor.
Looking from a business point of view, all the three models have seen success in a commonplace Indian market thus taking choice relating to which model to go in for must not be an intense one while the space of operations relies upon the area where the Franchisee is wanted to be opened.

It has a lot of potential for you!

Its business potential Haldirams recommends the base space to be 500 Sq. Ft. While the suggestion from Haldirams is an underlying investment of 15 to 30 Lakhs, this should be additionally talked about in detail with the Franchisee designation team of Haldiram legitimately while discussing the entire process.
Keep in mind, turning into a Haldirams Franchisee is undeniably a high profitable venture since the popularity and high caliber of the brand is as of now well-established in the market. All that you need to do is to open a Franchisee and receive the rewards utilizing the as of now emphatically settled brand name of Haldirams as the selling point. You can become a Haldiram milk distributor Kolkata by taking the agency for its real popular milk products. Get on with your decision; embark on your path to a successful business venture with Haldirams.

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Enquiry form: http://Haldiramfranchiseindia.com
Haldiram Customer Support Number: +91 8437079629

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Address: Haldiram Export Pvt. Ltd. B1/H3, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate Main Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044
Contact Number: +91 8437079629